Sunday, 4 March 2007

It's a great comfort

OK, fellow lefties. Enough of the whingeing anarchist nonsense. Let's get something straight. There is no such thing as society. You do not live "lives" within a shared, negotiated "culture". No! You consume and produce as assets in the service of an ECONOMY. You are insignificant integers in the stock-taking equations of an international network of purchasers, providers and middle-men, all number-crunching for the benefit of abstract mobile capital. Your highest purpose is to embody the greatest surplus value possible and therefore the best investment return. If you see even the tiniest, weeniest flaw in this approach to global organisation, then you are EVIL - plain EVIL. You should take your miserable, ungrateful arses off to a cave somewhere and just DIE. OK?
Now here's a cartoon. Look at the funny mouse....hahahahaha!

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