Sunday, 6 February 2011

NEW Transition Strip. (an ongoing thread)

This post started as the first 4 (but I have added more as time goes by) of a new series of strips I've put together for the Transition Network. They will be loosely exploring some of the Holmgren and Chamberlain transition scenarios through my usual combination of toilet humour and sarcasm. Those already familiar with the back story of Gort and Klaatu from the New Internationalist may recognise the odd recycled gag.

Please visit the Transition Network website and take some time to look around some of the many Transition initiatives being grown around the world.

My thanks to Ben Brangwyn and Rob Hopkins for their input and patience .

I'll be posting these under the tag "Transition".

This stream has come to a premature end due to some unravelling at my end. Sorry about this, - particular apologies to Ben and Rob.

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Shaun Chamberlin said...

Thanks Marc - your cartoons as a whole are a long-standing favourite of mine, and to see your work partially based on my own I've taken as a rare privilege and highlight!