Monday, 28 December 2009

Devil in the Details (and a plea for assistance)

I hope you all had a pleasant festive season. Frank spent the whole time in his shed, complaining about packaging. I tried to tempt him out with some organic roast potatoes, but he was having none of it.

This cartoon originally appeared in Nature Reports Climate Change, and belongs to them - so no reproducing it without their permission. It's an illustration for a review of the year' science, by Kurt Kleiner. With thanks to Olive Heffernan.

On a more LOCAL level - HEEEEELP!
The arrival of the long-heralded new website draws nearer. It's taken WAAAAY longer than it should. Graeme Sherif has built me a lovely new architecture with idiot-proof input systems but I'm still lagging badly. This is largely because I tend to go into brain-freeze when faced with data inputting tasks. I start shouting at things and lose all control of vital cognitive functions. I don't know why - I seem to be caught in a pincer between artistic temperament and technical idiocy. I am reduced to staring gormlessly at the screen and endlessly repeating "what?...where?" like a neandethal in Curry's.
If anyone in the Greater Manchester area actually enjoys data input (and sorting out minor labelling glitches, wading through oddly ordered records etc) and would like to volunteer some HELP in this matter I would be hugely grateful. This blog is based from a soon-to-be-defunct address and is badly in need of a replacement structure before it dissappears into the ether.


stately homes of england said...

hiya... if i can help with your request at a distance i'd be honoured to roll up my sleeves... drop me a line via email about what you need... x

Alastair said...

I'm a long way away (Australia) but very happy to help if anything can be done remotely. I have programming, database and general computer skills


Thanks verymuch for that offer, Alastair. I'll have a think about that - if anything can be done remotely.

susan said...

Not an offer of help, but this is great. Be sure to keep us all posted when we need to follow you elsewhere. I share your computer megrims.