Sunday, 2 August 2009

All good books

This cartoon originally appeared in New Internationalist magazine


susan said...

Great to see you around, though a sneaky part of me wants to suggest you take overdue vacation.

Across the pond, the current New Yorker has a fascinating bit on Judas, which affirms that stupid white men (or their counterparts in the early ADs) shaped Christianity to their will. This does not surprise.

And we have a great guy, one Chris Mooney (author of "The Republican War on Science" and a less polemical good read on hurricane history and science, "Storm World" (all you need to know about ...), who has just produced "Unscientific America". One of his points is that attacking religion undermines scientific communication. It's difficult, as the "new atheists" are sick and tired of not speaking out, but it's quite a point.

David Wilson said...

always a boost to come over here for a visit, laughter is the best medicine (so said the right-wing shills at Reader's Digest for years and years, now in the process of going bankrupt I've heard) and better for your liver than single malt

at the risk of ... (insert your own worst fears here :-) you seem to be getting a bit shrill, not that it isn't warranted and more, but perspective is important eh? ... (I say 'eh' because I am k-k-Canadian eh?)

I saw what looked like one of your's on another website with Klatoo & the men from Mars going through human holy books, good one

be well.

Anonymous said...

i once heard a story about a policeman who ripped off his superiors by embezzlement...thats the best piece of anarchy ive ever heard....try putting your talent of cynicism to not impressing pundits and and the age old 'punch' magazine humour...and maybe you will find a way to not bite the hand that feeds...after all your lifestyle depends upon the state...doesn't it ..with respect..d

Anonymous said...

...after all...the story of the policeman who lost his job by embezzlemnet was easily the best piece of anarchy i have ever you think you should put your cartoons to a better route...all this 'punch' traditionalism just encourages the sort of media manipulation an anarchist should really hate...your lifestyle suggests you are biting the hand that feeds..but then i am just 'posh'...try gardening.or immersing yourself in the reality rather than the intellectualism..
henry to d'arcy


Gardening would be a much more positive and productive activity, certainly, and indeed my job in the NHS is state-funded. Can't deny it.

I don't understand the Henry to D'arcy bit.