Friday, 1 May 2009

Once more unto the beach, dear friends.

As a recent poll shows that even those who profess concern about climate change have no intention of cutting down on the jet-fuelled beanos, and as Portugese Men-o-war swarm into the Med' in the latest incursion by the jellied masses, I am tempted to yet again repost this (slightly amended) old chestnut.

Meanwhile - US consumers seem a little more ready than we in the UK to foot the bill. Something to do with leadership, perhaps?

Efforts are made to streamline and revolutionise energy

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susan said...

Sorry to disillusion you, but despite sterling leadership, we aren't going much of anywhere. There's just too much money and influence out there.

Thanks for your always brilliant take and, once again, I got "selected" on DE thanks to something I collected from you on Rwanda ages ago. (And have been having a ding-dong battle about those pig farms and swine flu.) I wanted to put a link to this week's New Yorker article on Kagame here but unfortunately you have to be a subscriber to get the whole thing; this is just a summary:

It asserts a startling but I think true point that the best solution is one that satisfies noone. That oversimplifies and will infuriate all us idealists, but I'm ready to recommend the pope drop all those other phony saints and canonize Kagame for his willingness to bear an unimaginable burden.